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Webspace Service


Webspace is free space on a harddisk wich is connected to the internet permanently. It is manly used to store websites. To be able to reach informations stored on this webspace you need a internet address, also called a Domain Name like www.myfirm.co.uk. It is also possible to have more than one internet address (Domain Name) pointing to the same webspace.
Our webspace can handle the PHP program language version 5.x and 7.x. The datatransfer is done via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Webspace Prices
Size of Webspace Price *) Installation minimum Periode Usage
50 MByte 1,20 0,00 1 year small businesses and privat websites
100 MByte 2,40 0,00 1 year medium businesses
500 MByte 4,00 0,00 1 year websites with a lot of data, pictures and videos
1000 MByte 7,00 0,00 1 year big website-projects

Traffic Price per GByte*) Periode Usage
Traffic 4,00 Payment depending on usage per month high traffic sites will be charged
for the traffic exceeding 2 GBytes
per webspace, per month.
*) Prices per month in Euro including 20% VAT.
Prices include PHP 5.x or PHP 7.x. Traffic "fair use".
Prices are valid from April 1st. 2004.
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