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Webspace Service


Webspace is free space on a harddisk wich is connected to the internet permanently. It is manly used to store websites. To be able to reach informations stored on this webspace you need a internet address, also called a Domain Name like www.myfirm.co.uk. It is also possible to have more than one internet address (Domain Name) pointing to the same webspace.
Our webspace can handle the following program languages: HTML, PHP, CGI, Perl and XSLT. The datatransfer is done via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). We backup your webspace once every day.

Webspace Prices
Size of Webspace Price *) Installation minimum Periode Usage
50 MByte 1,20 0,00 1 year small businesses and privat websites
100 MByte 2,40 0,00 1 year medium businesses
500 MByte 4,00 0,00 1 year websites with a lot of data, pictures and videos
1000 MByte 7,00 0,00 1 year big website-projects

Traffic Price per GByte*) Periode Usage
Traffic 4,00 Payment depending on usage per month high traffic sites will be charged
for the traffic exceeding 2 GBytes
per webspace, per month.
*) Prices per month in Euro including 20% VAT.
Prices include PHP 5.x, CGI und Perl, 1 GByte Traffic per Webpace per month and daily Backup.
Prices are valid from April 1st. 2004.
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