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Here you will find the most asked questions and answers, listed according to the subjects which also appear in our main menu on the left. Words are explained in "... what does this mean?"

... Domain name registration
... Webspace
... E-mail service
... MySQL Database
... Charges
... what does this mean?

Domain name registration
  • Will my new .co.uk domain name be pre-registered for a duration of one to two years?
    All new .co.uk domain names will be registered for two years. All other TLD's will be registered for one year. If wished, we are happy to register them for a period of up to 10 years. Please state your wishes when ordering.
  • Will a charge be made for a domain change in subsequent years?
    Yes, the price can change with TLDs, .cc and .tv. Non-premium domains already registered can be changed into premium domains. Nic.cc resp. nic.tv is responsible for making such a decision.
  • Does my webspace have a limited storage capacity?
    You can store as much as you like on your webspace. It is therefore possible to overdraw. You will be informed automatically and put in another category,
    according to your needs. This would incur a surcharge.
  • Will PHP Scripts run on my webspace?
    Yes, PHP version 4.3.4 or higher is installed on your webspace.
  • Will CGI Scripts run on my webspace?
    Yes, there is a folder called "/cgi-bin" on your webspace. All cgi executable files stored in this folder are processed.
  • Does my webspace support Frontpage?
    No, Frontpage is not offered for reasons of security. However, should you need Frontpage or are a re-seller, we offer dedicated hosting at the rate of €99.-- per month.
  • How do I transfer my homepage data to my webspace?
    By using FTP clients such as CuteFTP, WS_FTP, Macromedia Dreamweaver or Frontpage (only FTP Transfer).
  • I'm behind a Firewall and/or Router and want to use FTP.
    Activate "PASV" or "PASSIV FTP" within your FTP-Client. The Ports 60000 trought to 65535 must be open from your local net to the internet.
E-mail service
  • Is my mailbox protected from spam and viruses?
    The presence of spam will be indicated in the header of the e-mail as well as any viruses, which, if recognised, will be destroyed. Thus it is possible to place a filter in Outlook. In the case of a virus attack on an e-mail, if recognised an indication of this will show up in the subject line of the mail and the virus destroyed. This service is included with every viennatec mailbox .
  • What capacity, in megabytes, does my viennatec mailbox have?
    The capacity of your mailbox will be allocated according to the principle of "fair use". We reserve the right to inform you in cases of excessive use of storage space. If you use POP3 to download your mail regularly, congestion of data can most likely be avoided.
  • I am travelling and would like to send e-mails from everywhere I go, and at the same time not be dependent on an SMTP server of a dial-in provider.
    No problem. You can use our SMTP server with SMTP authentication in order to send e-mails from places all over the world, unless, for example, a provider at an Internet café forbids the use of the SMTP port. In that case, please use our Webmail!
  • Do you support web based e-mail (webmail) for every viennatec mailbox?
    Yes, every mailbox can be accessed via your browser (webmail).
  • Can I manage my e-mail addresses and passwords via my browser?
    Yes, you can change passwords, install aliases and create, modify and delete mailboxes in true time via your web browser.
  • Which e-mail server shall I set in my e-mail program?
    Please refer to the e-mail you will receive upon successful ordering or your postal mail. You can also use our contact page.
MySQL database
  • What capacity in megabytes does MySQL database account with viennatec have?
    Your MySQL database account will be designated on the principle of "fair use". We reserve the right to inform you, should you store an excessive amount in your database or cause too much load to the MySQL Server.
  • How many users included per database account?
    One user is included per database account.
  • No questions to date.
what does this mean?
  • "Fair use"
    "Fair use" means you should use the storage space you really need and ceep the loads of the servers as low as possible. We have set the limits to 500 megabytes for e-mail and 500 megabytes for MySQL database storage space. One gigabyte of traffic is included with every webspace. As a "normal and fair use" user you will probally not need to worry about limits but please read on.
    • Ways for keeping your webspace and database storage small:
      • Delete not used content like pictures.
      • Compress pictures in jpeg format to a higher level (smaller file size).
      • Delete tables in databases you do not need.
    • Ways for keeping the loads of our servers low:
      • Don't set your e-mail client to check for email every minutes! 5 or 10 minute interval will do.
      • Don't connect to the database server more than one time within one PHP file.
      • Use caching techniques when programming PHP.
  • SMTP server
    SMTP stands for "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol". A SMTP server is used to send mail (not receive) over the internet.
  • POP3 server
    POP stands for "Post Office Protocol". "3" stands for version 3. A POP Server is used to receive mail (not for sending) over the internet. It's the place where your mail is collected (mailbox) and sent to your computer via the post office protocol.
  • IMAP server
    IMAP stands for "Internet Message Access Protocol". A IMAP server is used to receive mail (not for sending) over the internet. It's the place where your mail is collected (mailbox) and cept on the server. You will connect via your e-mail client to the server and read the mail on the server. Only the e-mails you want to read are temporary downloaded to your computer for reading. Big advantage: the mail is cept on the server and you can check all your mails (also old mails) via webmail or an other e-mail client from an other computer. Please note the "fair use" principle above when using IMAP.

Should you have a question not answered here, please do not hesitate to use our contact page. We will try to answer your questions as fast as possible.

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